Spira Care

We have assisted many women with their Pelvic, Abdominal & Fertile Health over the years. Other health concerns are also adressed, since the body is a coordinated system. If you are ready to start walking your path to health and vitality, we are happy to help.

We prefer to work with clients who are ready to make changes to expect changes, which is why we ask you to ask yourself if you are ready and open to do some changes in your life. 

Vital Woman

Our Online Program “Vital Woman” is the result of a collaboration with a top Nutritionist and Health Professional from the Netherlands. We created it since so many of our clients were facing the same issues, where the path to health had become a stressful jungle to navigate. By following the program, you learn that you don’t need to stress about your diet or lifestyle, and you will let go of limiting believes and programming that are not serving you anymore. Join the program, to get to know yourself as more healthy and vital than ever. 

Caring Products

On our Caring Products page you find recommended products for a healthy body, a healthy home environment and a healthy planet. 

We are collaborating with brands of high integrity when it comes to clean, organic health and to the environment and what footprint we leave when walking on this earth. 


Spira works for you - will you work with us?

How We Can Help You Find Relaxation and Vitality - And Why You Are Needed In The Process

Too many women are suffering from pain and discomfort without finding the answers they need to change their experience into ease, relaxation and a life of vitality. Your pains may be physical, such as tension, ache, hormonal imbalances or disease, or they may be related to the wellbeing of your mind, like stress or anxiety. No matter the expression of your pain, there is usually something you can do about it, given you have the information you need to dissolve the core issue behind the pain. 

With the techniques, methods and wisdom we’ve gathered over the years, we are guiding you to find the answers within you. You can meet us in session Online or onsite in Stockholm, Sweden. Book your session today, so that you can start experiencing more relaxation and vitality by the day. 


You have seen and heard Spira Care here

Spira Care and the company’s founder Sara Gustafsson has been part of four published books, has been talking in two big Podcasts about Women’s Health, has been interviewed in two major Swedish Health Magazines, and is one of the co-creators of the Online Vitality Program for Women’s Health: Vital Woman.