1. I'm experiencing pelvic pain, where does it come from and what can I do to relieve it?

    Pelvic and/or vaginal pain can derive from many things. Many women contract it over a longer period of time, where it increases slowly. It may have started off from something physical or emotional. Injuries or tension in your feet, legs or back may lead to compensating tension in your pelvic area. Unwanted sexual encounters or violence may also have the pelvic area contracting to protect itself. Emotionally you may have experienced other events as well where you felt unsafe or insecure that may have had your body tense up or shut down. 

    You can do a lot to relieve your body from pain and tension.

    Stretching and reconnecting movements like the ones we have included in the Vital Woman Program is one gentle way to get started. Some kind of navigation through the emotional parts of it is also often needed. Even if the tension and pain started of with something more physical, there is usually an emotional aspect to it as well.

    The Pelvic & Abdominal Release Method includes movements, guidance through the emotional aspects and sometimes manual therapy for the feet, legs and pelvic area. You can also get actionable information on what to do for your pelvic health and relaxation. 

  2. My stomach has been upset for a long time and I can't seem to find a solution. What can I do?

    Also here, there can be both physical and emotional aspects. Is the discomfort maybe linked to some stress or anxiety? Tension and strain from pregnancies or surgeries can also have an effect on the belly. 

    A general actionable idea on what you can do is to include more probiotics in your daily intake of food and nutrition to build up the microbiome of your body. We are selling a broad Synbiotic complex called Via Biome, that includes 16 different Probiotics, 3 different Prebiotics along with Slippery Elm Extract that makes it the most effective Probiotic we have found on the market. Order Via Biome probiotics here

    In a session with one of our therapists you can get a clearer view on what more you can do. Book a session with one of our therapists here

  3. I've tried all diets and medications, but nothing is helping with my imbalances. Is there anything else I can do?

    A lot of our clients have already "tried it all". Perhaps you have also tried to exclude things from your diets, been through several medical investigations, bought expensive supplements and tried all exercise routines available? 

    To find your way through the jungle of the Health Industry can take a lot of effort and is not always fruitful. This is why we created the Vital Woman Program. So that you can start peeling off all the programmed believes and all the stress you have around your health and your life. 

    You may also Book an individual Health Session with one of our therapists to get some help navigating on your path to health and vitality. 

  4. What can I do to increase my fertility and more easily become pregnant?

    Problems around fertility and conception is an ever increasing issue for women and men today. A lot has to do with the modern lives we lead. We can do a lot to increase our fertility, and much of it has to do with getting the right information on how our fertility and our bodies are functioning. 

    Book a Fertility Consultation with one of our therapists to get individual guidance on what you (and your partner) can do. 

  5. My contraceptives are making me feel off. Are there alternatives?

    Yes there is. Synthetic hormone interfering contraceptives have a good function, but usually comes with side effects for your health and vitality.

    Learning a natural Fertility Awareness Method will make you become more aware of and in tune with your body. It comes with a responsibility, but that's also true for a lot of the synthetic. Most women who apply Fertility Awareness Methods feel empowered and learn to read the signs of their bodies better. 

  6. Do you have any recommendations for my pregnancy and birth giving?

    Yes! The first one is: inform yourself of procedures for the pregnancy and birth giving and learn about alternatives.

    There are ways to relieve many of the possible discomforts of a pregnancy. There are empowering ways to work with your pregnant body and mind. You may learn relaxing techniques or hire a Doula to assist you during the birth giving. Learn about Breast Feeding and Attachment Parenting already during your pregnancy. 

    Book a Prenatal Consultation with one of our therapists to get individual guidance on the questions you have in mind. 

  7. My life is so stressful and I don't have time to take care of myself. Is there something easy I can start with?

    There is a saying that goes; "You should sit in nature 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re busy, then you should sit for an hour." 

    This is also why we created the Vital Woman Program. Since not all women have the time or resources to follow an intense diet and exercise schedule. The program is designed so that you can find inspiration in all areas of your life and to make the changes in your own time. 

  8. Is Spira Care providing Wellness Allowance (Friskvårdsbidrag)?

    Yes, if your employer is offering you a monthly or yearly Wellness Allowance (Friskvårdsbidrag) you can receive Massage, Personal Training and Coaching Consultations from us. Check with your employer what terms they have, for example how long sessions or how much money you have to spend on your wellness. 

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